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Here you will be able to see everything we have from the WALTHER Air Rifles.


The ergonomic stock, made by Minelli/Italy, offers an instinctive and defined grasp, just when you need to be fast. The barrel is made by Lothar Walther, with a 1/2" UNF thread for a silencer. The integrated tank delivers up to 180 shots (in 16 joules from a 230 bar filling). The filling valve and the manometer are already built-in.



Overall length: 1040mm

Barrel length: 500mm

Weight: 3.6 kg



This gun boasts under lever construction with proven LGV rotary piston technology. The guns alos has Walthers new Super Silent Technology and Vibration Reduction System.



The fixed barrel guarantees high and constant precision. The gun also has a high level of safety by means of automatic piston safety. The XM trigger has adjustable first stage travel and trigger weight.



Overall length: 1064mm

Weight: 4.3kg



Features include:


Break barrel spring-powered air rifle

Innovative Super Silent Technology for smoothness

Vibration Reduction System for accuracy

Adjustable match trigger (first stage travel and trigger weight)

Wedge lock with release lever

Automatic trigger safety

Sporting beech stock with chequered grip

Metal Micrometer rear sight, Tru Glo fibre optic front sight

Integral barrel weight


Overall length: 1095mm

Barrel length: 400mm

Weight: 4.4kg





The new Walther Century features a 30mm spring piston and uses the LGV barrel locking mechanism which is renowned for it's constant precision. It also features the Walther XM trigger unit and a barrel weight with ½" UNF thread for mounting a silencer.


Magazine Capacity single shot (break barrel )

Max. energy - 16 joule

Overall length - 1095 mm

Barrel length - 400 mm

Weight - 4200 g



The Walther Terrus incorporates synthetic stock with non-slip HI-GRIP™ surface and ergonomic fore-end.


It has Walther's XT trigger with adjustable first stage travel and adjustable micrometer sights with TRUGLO® fiber optics.


The end of the barrel has a ½" UNF thread for mounting a silencer



Overall length: 1094mm

Weight: 3.3kg