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Product ID: kg0988

The KG Gun Cleaning Mat is a useful and practical product that solves the problem of trying to find something to clean your guns on, besides the bathroom towels or newspapers. Solving the problem of finding something to clean weapons on, whether at home, in the shop, in the field or on the range is only one feature of the Gun Cleaning Mat. The work surface of our Mat is made from a soft, no-mar polypropylene material which acts like a sponge to absorb oils and other fluids used to clean your weapons with. The Gun Mat also protects your firearm from nicks and scratches and prevents small parts from rolling off the work surface. The nonskid backing prevents the mat from sliding and Gun Mat can be washed to provide prolonged use. These can also be screened with your company logo. Please contact KG directly for pricing on custom logo designs.




Product ID: kg0998

Made from the same material as our leading gun cleaning mat, the Range Mat is perfect for the bench at your favorite range. You no longer need to worry about setting your weapon down on a concrete or wooden bench that can scratch or ding your prized firearm. Theres also no need to bring a towel or bulky cloth with you. The Range Mat rolls up into a nice three inch by eight inch roll that will fit easily into any range bag you may have. Because it is made of super absorbent material, you can clean your guns right on the Range Mat when breaking in your new firearm or getting it ready for storage. When done, simply roll it up and go.





Product ID: kg1744

KG-1 was the first product introduced to the shooting sports industry to specifically meet the need to remove carbon buildup and is the first step in the cleaning process. KG-1 is formulated to be environmentally friendly and contains no ammonia. Recommended for use by several barrel makers. KG-1 is pH neutral and is ideal for removing carbon from black powder rifles, centerfire, rimfire, automatic and gas assisted weapons.




Product ID: kg1833

KG-12 was developed specifically to clean the copper fouling from large bore military weapons. KG-12 provides professional shooters, gunsmiths, armorers, hunters and other firearm enthusiasts with a product that will remove the toughest copper fouling without damaging the bore. Unlike ammonia-based products, there is no need to neutralize KG-12 or to remove it quickly because KG-12 contains no ammonia.




Product ID: kg1834

KG-2 was originally developed to maintain the bore integrity of sniper rifles. Unlike most other mechanical products, KG-2 contains no ammonia and is a 1200-1400grit soft compound to remove copper and lead, while leaving the integrity of the bore. In most cases KG-2 will perform exceptionally well in removing copper and lead with quality patches, however, in some cases, nylon brushes are recommended. Based on the theory of removing the copper and lead from the lands and groves only, while simply smoothing over the impregnated copper and lead in the micro-fractures of the bore, KG-2 will help reduce the need for fouling shots and it is recommended and used by SWAT and sniper teams. KG-2 is an ideal product for fire polishing (A technique producing a finer finish than Fire Lapping).




Product ID: kg19934

KG-3 is a non-chlorinated ozone safe formula used to remove the residue loosened by KG-1, KG-2, KG-12 and for cleaning and degreasing parts. KG-3 contains a special formulation of fast drying, water-displacing solvents which will rapidly cut through oil and grease without leaving a residue.




Product ID: kg2134

Developed specifically for the Ventura County Sheriffs Department, KG’s Light Weight Penetrating Oil is intended for use when a fast, temporary cleaning is necessary. It is especially effective for law enforcement agency’s when they have officer qualification and a quick cleaning is necessary to be sure the firearm is in good operational condition. KG-410 is also available for the civilian use. Hunters and range shooters can quickly spray KG-410 on the firearm to protect it after a day of shooting and until you can clean it properly. The KG-410 is also used after the refinishing process to help the coatings resist burnishing.





Product ID: kgct2219

KG Industries’ new, easy and convenient Rifle Cleaning Kit is designed with your shooting needs in mind. Each pack is tailored to provide you with the cleaners you need to make sure your weapons function properly and shoot accurately. Available for smooth bore or rifled barrel systems.


Regular maintenance does not just preserve the aesthetics of your rifle, but it also ensures that your weapon is reliable when you do use it. KG Industries LLC is here to help you keep your rifle in tiptop shape. We provide high-quality rifle cleaners, lubricants, and protective coating that were developed with your needs in mind. Using the best solutions, after all, means being able to give your rifle the care it deserves. Regardless of whether your rifle is used for protection or recreation, keeping it functional and accurate is essential.


Our Rifle & Pistol Pack Includes:


  • KG-1 Carbon Remover – Cleaning carbon buildup off your rifle’s bore is one of the most difficult tasks when cleaning your gun. With the KG-1 Carbon Remover, this won’t be a problem. This pH neutral metal cleaning product eliminates all traces of carbon from your rifle. It is also environmentally safe since it does not contain ammonia.


  • KG-3 Solvent Degreaser – Are you planning on applying protective coating on your rifle to improve its sheen and to protect it from the elements? You won’t be able to achieve a lasting finish if you fail to thoroughly degrease your rifle’s surface first before applying a protective coating. The KG-3 Solvent Degreaser is the perfect degreaser for your gun. Like the rest of our firearm related products, it is safe for the environment. It is non-chlorinated and has the power to cut through grease without residue.


  • KG-4 Gun Oil – Don’t forget to lubricate your rifle after cleaning and polishing it. Our KG-4 Gun Oil provides outstanding lubrication and protection against corrosion. It also has a special feature that allows it to suspend existing residue so that when you clean your rifle again, you can easily handle it.


  • KG-12 Big Bore Cleaner Copper Solvent – Each copper jacketed bullet passing through the barrel leaves a certain amount of residue that leads to fouling over time. We recommend that you use our KG-12 Big Bore Cleaner Copper Solvent to get rid of the fouling and restore your barrel back to its original condition. It can remove the toughest fouling and save your rifle from further damage.


Before going on a shooting practice, make sure to clean and polish your rifle. This will help you avoid disappointment in the event that carbon or copper fouling causes you to miss your target. KG Industries LLC is more than willing to assist you with your gun cleaning needs.




Product ID: kgct2519

New easy and convenient package of KG Shotgun Cleaning Kit designed with your shooting needs in mind. Owning a firearm comes with the obligation of cleaning it properly on a regular basis. Proper gun maintenance does not only prevent corrosion, but also offers an opportunity to check for signs of wear, which in turn allows you to tell which components need repair or replacement.


  • Cleaning guns can sometimes be cumbersome, especially when you need to carry an array of cleaning products. Your shotgun and its case, as well as a couple of ammunition boxes, are already bulky—imagine having to carry those along with several cans of lubricants, gun oil, and metal polishers. KG Industries LLC is proud to offer an excellent and convenient solution—a shotgun cleaning kit.


  • Each pack is tailored to provide you with the cleaners you need to make sure your weapons function properly and shoot accurately. Available for smooth bore or rifled barrel systems. The kit includes the following products:


  • KG-1 Carbon Remover – Over time, carbon from bullets collects on the surface of your shotgun’s main components. If not removed, this carbon buildup can affect your shots by increasing resistance. You can use the KG-1 Carbon Remover to deal with carbon buildup conveniently.


  • KG-2 Bore Polish – The right tools and agents can let you access your shotgun’s bore and eliminate whatever debris is left in the interior. This will rid your shotgun of additional resistance from debris, allowing you to take a shot with precision.


  • KG-3 Solvent Degreaser – To ensure that the protective coating performs and lasts, you need to degrease your shotgun first. A whole bottle or can of solvent degreaser may seem too much for a single application, which is why we’ve included a small bottle of solvent degreaser in our shotgun cleaning kit.


  • KG-4 Gun Oil - After cleaning and polishing your shotgun, you need gun oil to restore the lubricity of your gun’s components. You will find the bottle of gun oil in your kit more than enough for a single use.


Our ultimate goal for introducing this new product is to make gun cleaning easier and more convenient, regardless of whether you are at home or at the shooting range. With a shotgun cleaning kit, along with our other firearm related products, you can definitely keep your firearms clean, protected, and functional.